Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Beauty

I wish I could have captured better the beauty of the snow yesterday.  This is driving down our alley; I stepped outside with the girls yesterday and was simply awed by the wonder of the snow on the trees against the backdrop of a blue sky, sun shining.  We received a light dusting Sunday afternoon/evening which added a very fluffy layer of snow on top of that which we had received last Friday.  This extra dusting was sparkling... little crystals... and it covered every limb and branch beautifully.  I took the girls to Des Moines yesterday and the drive was beyond gorgeous.
I received an email yesterday from my mother-in-law titled, "Snow Be Gone" and inside it said:
Thurs & Fri, 48* predicted for you.
That makes me sad.  I actually really love winter and one of my favorite things about it is snow.  What's the point in all of the cold if there isn't going to be the beauty of snow on the ground?  Knowing how testy our winters are here, it could be weeks and weeks and weeks before we see snow again.  So, I am going to enjoy it today and tomorrow and hope that we truly don't see it leave this weekend.

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Aleta said...

It was actually hoar frost that we had on the trees. It forms when it is foggy. I did not get outside to take pictures. I am so sad.