Monday, August 31, 2009

Not the Mama

Adam is clearly NOT the mama in the house, but Julia has taken to calling him Mama... regardless of us trying repeatedly to teach her to say "daddy". She will say "dada" or "daddy" about 1 out of every 100 times she calls Adam "mama". It is quite comical... and one night we captured her on video. As you can see, Adam is working hard with her here to show her who "daddy" is... and you can see what that results in... ha!

Tutu Girl and Daddy Share a Dance

Yum, Yum!

Julia impersonates Adam who impersonates a llama eating her dinner at the State Fair... fun!

Flashback to the 1980's...

No, your eyes do not deceive... that IS a side ponytail on our child...

I love Julia's little "rocker girl" outfit but I had to admit that finally it was too small for her and yesterday she wore it for the last time.  (Thankfully the leggings are NOT too small and the gray and pink skull and crossbones will live on!)  After dressing her, Adam and I decided she needed SOMETHING done with her hair and after a bit of discussion, we decided on a side ponytail.  Once we took a look at her complete ensemble, we decided directly that a picture or two was required... and what better than in front of her play drums?

Oh... and Julia wore this outfit to church yesterday.  :)  On the way there, I said to Adam, "Do you realize that she looks like she stepped out of the 1980s and furthermore that this style is back in fashion again...???"  I am sure that had I listened hard enough at church yesterday, I would have heard, "Oh, those Draegers... tsk, tsk," whispered at least once.  Hee!


2 weeks = 14 days


When you are pregnant and know you could have a baby any second (or any day, really), it is one thing.

It is yet another to actually KNOW that you will have a baby on or before a specific date and thus begins the countdown to that specific date... in this house, specifically September 14... which is 14 days from today.

Last Friday was 17 days and I thought I had all the time in the world but subconsciously I must have known not because while normally I am the person in this house who is on top of things but on top of things at the last minute, this last weekend I was actually simply on top of things and not in a rushed manner at all.  I think I even slightly impressed my husband.  House cleaned for Wednesday's quilt class?  Check.  Ask lawn boy to come mow before our grass overtakes the house again?  Check.  My whole list of things to do for the weekend done...?  Well... almost a 'check'... since the ironing was gleefully neglected for a Harry Potter book last night. 

Regardless, subconsciously or not, I felt pretty good last night going to bed thinking I had a number of things done and under control and then BAM, it was MONDAY and WOW, today means only 14 days until this baby is BORN OUT OF MY WOMB AND HOLY CATS, THERE ARE ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT?  HOW DID THAT COME UP ON US SO QUICKLY?

Today a whole new set of lists was made and emails sent and meetings planned and... getting the picture?  And yet, I realized that not everything on those lists will be done in the next 14 days and that I will need to accept defeat sooner than later... but that's okay too.  In 14 days it all won't matter because I will be a mom of TWO!  YAY!  How fun is that?!  I'm so excited!

Wait... only 14 days????????


So.  14 days.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Hiding Place

Julia has found joy in hiding... she thinks it's wonderful fun to hide from us and has a few favorite places to do so.  (I don't mind the hiding in the house so much, but she receives a scolding when she hides outside or when we are out and about... she also thinks it is fabulous fun to run around the front of the car and hide by the tire... NOT a safe thing to do... ugh.)  One of her favorite places to hide is under the quilt rack in the guest room.  You can tell by the glee on her face that she thinks it was hilarious that I "found" her. 

Tutu Girl

About a month ago I purchased a home-made tutu from a vendor at our local farmer's market.  Instead of forcing it on Julia, I simply put it in her play area hoping that one day she would take a liking to it.  Yesterday was that day, and right before lunch she brought it to me, and from that point on, she insisted on wearing it the rest of the day (I did manage to take it off of her for her nap).  Then, later in the evening, she also added the bib to her apparel, as she REALLY likes the duck bib and picked it back up out of the dirty laundry pile and asked to have it put back on.  (It wasn't that dirty, thankfully!)  At one point she and dad even shared a dance, since she was a pretty princess in her tutu.  (Check out Facebook for the video... I am having trouble with posting on Blogger this week for some reason...!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursdays in Pella!

Last Thursday was our last "Thursdays in Pella" for the season. Each summer, on Thursday nights, food vendors, organizations, clubs, etc., gather together on the square and it is sort of a small community gathering / mini-fair (some nights) for the locals.

This last Thursday, Adam was playing with Amy Steenhoek and the Rising Son Band, but not until late. So... before he played, we took a gander at all of the different things displayed. Since it was the last night and seemingly "Farm Implement Night", there was a lot to see!

Also, we received a few free tickets for some rides, and finally I was excited that Julia was able to go on the barrel train ride. She is still too small to go by herself, so Adam went with her... she had a blast! She was really upset when it was time to get off the train.


State Fair!: Butter

Each year, the Iowa State Fair boasts butter sculptures... each year there is a cow... and something else!

This year the butter sculpters celebrated the 40th anniversary of the moon landing... I thought the scultures were pretty inventive and neat. And of course, I took a picture of the cow too.


State Fair!: Rain

Last Friday we went to the State Fair. Adam had a scheduled gig on the AE (Anderson Erickson for you non-Des Moines area folk) Stage with Amy Steenhoek and the Rising Son band for 1 pm that Friday. So, round about 11 am, everyone packed up and headed to the fair.

Two years ago when they played, I was able to ride with everyone else because we didn't have a child yet... but this year Julia and I had to park in the back 40 and pay to get in... we found a great spot for $5 only 3 blocks from Gate 8, and after a $10 entrance fee, we were on our way to find some lunch before watching Adam play.

I knew that rain was expected for that day, so I had packed extra clothes for Julia, and extra shirt for me, and because we didn't know how the temp would be throughout the day, extra shorts for Adam. The rain showed up while we were eating lunch for about five minutes... thankfully we were able to scoot into the cow barn.

The band started at 1 pm and things looked well weather-wise at that point. One of Adam's beer buds, Holly, showed up and she had two umbrellas with her. For one, I wasn't expecting her, for two, she chose to sit by me, and for three... it was not her original plan to have them, BUT SHE HAD UMBRELLAS.

About 20 minutes into the show, the rain started. It wasn't the worst rain in the world... and it waned for about 5 minutes... and then it really started to come down. The stage itself was protected overhead, but the seats are not, and the rain was coming in from all directions. The band had to stop and pull back their equipment because it was starting to get wet, and Holly and I tried our best to stay dry. I gave up on Julia after about 5 minutes... she was loving the rain and having a blast racing her Care Bears up and down the wet benches.

As you can see... quickly Julia was thoroughly soaked. But Julia wasn't the only one/only thing soaked... her stroller was starting to hold water... so despite the fact that I brought extra clothes for her, it was pointless to change her because she would simply become wet all over again just from sitting in her seat. However, Julia had a ball in the rain... and pretty much had a good time at the fair!



Today I am 37 weeks pregnant... and yet again I will say, I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by!

While I am still 3 weeks away from my "due date", my C-section is scheduled for a short 18 days from now... September 14th! WOW!

Today was my latest round of doctor appointments... a check-up with my OB and a consult with the surgeon.

Total Weight Gain: 25 lbs

Difference from Last Appointment: +0 lb (Guess I should eat cake regularly more often! HA!)

Baby's Heartbeat: 150's

Fundal height (belly measurement): 38 cm / 38 weeks (No change from last week, but no concern there.)

Blood Pressure: 110/70

Today's my doctor's daughter started kindergarten (she turned 6 on the 22nd), so he was running a little late to work and came to work in a t-shirt and shorts. I heard my nurse say in the hallway that she didn't think I would care how he was dressed, so in he came. Hee! He had a student doctor with him and was teaching him how to do all the measurements and whatnot. It was a routine appointment and we mostly talked about late summer birthdays and They Might Be Giants.

After my OB appointment, I had a consult with the surgeon. It was pretty much a gathering of information that I'm pretty sure at least five other areas of the hospital and clinic already have on me... and then a rundown of all of the possible things that could go wrong during a C-section and okay, that is that and do you have any questions. I said... uh, yah. What about the day of? Where do I go? What do I do? He told me that OB would be calling in the next couple of weeks and talking me through things... but... HA!... if I didn't hear anything, I should maybe call them. Umm. Right.

Biggest waste of a co-pay EVER.

However... all in all, life is really good! I've been enjoying the rain the last few days and am seriously looking forward to the weather for the next week or so (yay for low 70s!).

And, I have a Wonderful Husband! Adam took time off of work this morning to come home and watch Julia so that I didn't need to find a sitter for her during my appointments; very sweet of him! :)

My next appointment is next Thursday (ooh, September already!).

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Corn Fed

Julia had fun eating corn on the cob tonight with us...!  YAY!  This is about the fifth time we've had corn on the cob this summer, and the last few times, she has wanted to try and eat off of my cob... and this time she wanted to take bites, so I cut mine in half and let her gnaw on it.  She had a blast with it!  Too bad that corn, one of the least nutritious of vegetables, is her favorite.  Ha!  Though, I have heard from the daycare lady that she also likes peas.  Will have to give those a shot again at home!  (We don't eat a lot of peas 'cause Adam is not a fan... oh, well!  The picture is hard to see... sorry about that!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sepia: First Birthday

Our new scanner has arrived and has been installed!  :)  This is a picture of my dad and me celebrating our birthdays together in 1979.  It is my 1st birthday in this picture!  (And this picture was taken at Grandpa & Grandma Rischette's house... I bet based on this picture I could pinpoint exactly where in the living/dining area.  Too fun!)


Hold That Thought...

My OB doctor called a little after I posted my "September 11" post to tell me that he had just talked with the surgeon and September 11 would absolutely not work for him.  He had planned to go out of town that weekend and didn't want to be there for the C-section but then pass me off to a different OB for the remainder of my stay.  So, he worked things out with the surgeon, and now the C-section is on...

... September 14th!  So... now we will be expected Baby Draeger on Monday, September 14th!  Fun!  YAY!  :)


ps. And now I do not need to miss my quilt guild anniversary dinner either...!

September 11

A lot of things might go through your head when you hear "September 11"...
... anniversary of planes crashing into large buildings in NY and DC...
... anniversary dinner for Pella Area Quilters Guild...
... another day in September...
BUT this year it will have even MORE significance, because OUR BABY IS SCHEDULED TO BE BORN VIA C-SECTION ON SEPTEMBER 11!

We have a date!  YAY! 
(Okay... now that I've actually written that out... I might vomit from sheer anxiety at the thought that September 11 is only 3 weeks and 2 days from now... YIKES!  Ha!)

You Say It's Your Birthday...!

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

(The Beatles)


Today I am 31 years old.  I am almost 36 weeks pregnant (tomorrow), married to an amazing man (Adam), and mother to the World's Most Awesome Kid (Julia).  What a wonderful day it is today!

Did I also mention the weather today?  My favorite kind...!  Coolish (low 70's... GREAT for August) and Rainy... woohoo!

And the birthday cake?  Oh, yah.  What pregnant woman doesn't want a birthday cake of her own?  Julia helped me pick it out (Care Bears).  And yah... I totally took a picture of it... I will post it later!  It was absolutely as delicious as I hoped it would be... what a great way to start the day!  YUM!

Birthday OB Appt

Good morning!

Today I had an OB appointment... my "36 week" appointment.

For those of you wondering about the details, here you are:

Total Weight Gain: 25 lbs

Difference from Last Appointment: +1 lb (Watch out next week... I have a load of brownies and cake to eat... ha!)

Baby's Heartbeat: 130's/140's

Fundal height (belly measurement): 38 cm / 38 weeks (I looked, and two weeks ago it was 37 cm / 37 weeks.)

Blood Pressure: 120/80

Today was a day of labs and tests and whatnot, and also will hear back from the surgeons on when the C-section will be scheduled.

My next appointment is next Wednesday... I go weekly now until the C-section.

Have a good one!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bike Ride

Adam came home tonight and said, "You think Julia'd like to go for a bike ride?"  She sure did!  You could hear her saying, "Whee!" as they rode away.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

On this date, 31 years ago, my dad celebrated his birthday and my mom went into labor.  ;)
Happy 57th birthday, Dad!  I hope it is an awesome day for you!
(And, as soon as I have a new scanner... which should be here this week, I will have to post a few pictures of Dad and Me together from oh-so-long ago.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Finally we caught a picture of Julia with her sunglasses on... she thinks they are a novelty and quite fun but won't wear them for any length of time.  Oh, well!


35 weeks.

35 days.


There are times in your life when it feels as though time is standing still... and then there are times in your life where time seems to fly by!

The biggest difference between my pregnancy with Julia and this one... it is that. Time stood still while pregnant with Julia but not this time around!

I am due in 35 days but will most likely be having a child in less days than that (C-section). I can hardly begin to imagine but I am super excited!

Tonight before Adam left for a home brew club meeting, a few of his friends were here and one had his 8-month-old son with him. Julia was SO excited... she was saying, "baby, baby!" and when she saw me, she ran up to me and said, "baby!" and screamed. The poor little tyke started to wail terribly. This is the same kid that Julia slapped on the head back in December 2008 when he was a mere couple of weeks old. Poor kid!

I hope that means that Julia is excited when our baby comes, though... one can hope! :)


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julia PuddingFace

Yah, I let Julia have pudding with dinner tonight.  Yah, maybe not the best idea to let her eat it by herself.  And yah, she went right into the pool after that... clothing and all. 


Friday, August 7, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday Julia and I met friends in Des Moines and took our first trip to the Blank Park Zoo. I have been wanting to take Julia to the zoo for over a year now... I had a feeling that she would really enjoy it, but it never seemed like the "right" time. Well, yesterday, we finally went and it was wonderful fun! (Even though mildly too warm for mama! HA!)


Enthralled by the fish... she kept making her fish mouth and looking at me to show me she knew they were fish.

Checking out the goats... the goats were 'okay' until they got too close to the fence and they would scare her a little and she would crawl back into her stroller.

However, Julia loved the big fiberglass cow (in the kid area that you could pretend to milk). I thought that was amusing.

In front of the giraffes... Julia kept saying, "Whee! Whee!" I said, "Nope, we are not riding one of those things...!"

(I am 34 weeks pregnant in that picture... considering it a belly shot! Ha!)

After the zoo, we went to see someone about a double stroller (Thank you, Craigslist...! Thank you, Husband Who Reminded Me About How Evil and Fun Craigslist Is!)... and we are now the proud owners of a double stroller for Julia Plus One.

Then we killed an hour at Target, as we were planning to meet up with Adam (totally impromptu) at dinner time. Adam was serving at Jimmy Carter Happy Hour at El Bait Shop last night.

El Bait Shop = Great Beer Bar / Eatery in Downtown Des Moines
Jimmy Carter Happy Hour = Every Thursday, a homebrewer serves up a homebrew for free to anyone who wants to drink it. (Those that drink it typically tip the homebrewer.)

Adam serves once every few months. He drained two kegs in 1.5 hours last night and made a good chunk in tips. YAY!

Enjoying mama's burger...
(For some reason, about halfway through the super delicious burger, the smell of the meat made me gag and I couldn't eat it anymore, but Julia loved it.)


Julia and Mama...

Enjoying the bike rack outside of El Bait Shop.

Julia was a trooper; we had to park four blocks away in a ramp due to a baseball game being played at Principal Park, and four blocks is a bit too far for me to carry her (at least, the full way). I carried her most of the way TO El Bait Shop, but I made her walk about 3 of the 4 blocks back to the car... she did fabulously. Slow, but fabulously. :)

We arrived home at about 8:15 pm, and after unloading the car, I put Julia to bed. Thankfully she went right down without a fuss! :) What a fun day!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Post Slacker

I had a busy month in July and then the last couple of weeks my posting has taken a nose dive due to busy-ness in my life...!

What's been happening...

Sepia blogs... have been lacking because our scanner died, and I cannot scan in any pictures right now. This is not only putting a damper on my picture-scanning, but also on the other one million things I seem to scan on a regular basis... oy. Must start researching inexpensive scanners.

Teaching a class... is a lot of fun, but requires prep work too! I started teaching a hand-piecing class two weeks ago, and had my second class yesterday. It has been a lot of fun and the three gals taking the class are a hoot and wonderful to have around!

Work... has been been busy... working a lot of "extra" hours which has been a boost to our household, but of course, cuts back on my Internet time.

Family... has been visiting... Adam's brothers, sister, and spouses were here this last weekend! We had a good time with them... it was SO good to see them all! Julia was a great helper helping me clean the house last Thursday and then we had a lot of family time Friday through Sunday.

Readying... for the baby takes priority over things as well. It doesn't LOOK like I've done a lot to prep, but mentally I have and I have done things such as sort through boxes of baby clothes, wash them, separate them into pile, etc. And... readying... for a garage sale! We are having one on the 22nd so I have been busy digging through the hosue to determine what might go.

And reading... also seems to have taken some priority. Last week I read the first Harry Potter book again and then watched the movie, and this week I read Michael Crichton's "Next".

This week was busy between work and quilt guild. I was in Cedar Rapids on Monday for the day, and Tuesday was the Big Quilting Day... I had my hand-piecing class, a charity "sew-a-thon" that I attended from 3:30 - 7 pm, and then we had our monthly quilt guild meeting from 7 - 10 pm...! Long night! Wow!

Today was my doctor's appointment... and tomorrow we head to the zoo! I have been wanting to take Julia to the Blank Park Zoo for a long time now, and we are finally going. I hope to post pictures tomorrow night of our venture.

I hope you all are doing well!


34 Weeks Tomorrow

Good morning!

Today I had an OB appointment... yet another in the string of end-of-pregnancy appointments.

For those of you wondering about the details, here you are:

Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs

Difference from Last Appointment: +2 lb

I still have some ankle / foot swelling... it went away for about a week, but it came back Monday with fierceness due to traveling and hasn't gone away yet... boo.

Baby's Heartbeat: 150's

Fundal height (belly measurement): no idea... we were talking while he was measuring...

Blood Pressure: 113/70

My next appointment is on my birthday. How fun! I kidded that I would bring them birthday cake along with me (I probably will simply because it gives me a yummy excuse to have a birthday cake! Ha!)

Also, at my next appointment, I will be referred to surgery to set the date for the C-section... crazy!

It is hard to believe that in six weeks or less, we will be welcoming a new member to our family. WOW! It is pretty exciting, but so incredibly surreal. It might take until the actual C-section before it hits me that I'm going to be a Mother x 2.

I have been taking my new thyroid medication and other than that I seem to be less sleepy, I don't notice much change. I have needed less naps, at any rate, since starting it, but I can still tire myself out and need a good nap now and again. Hee.

Otherwise, things have been going well. However, I told the nurse I have been really tired and the reason is that I have been having 2 - 3 dreams EVERY NIGHT and most of them are bad. I know people dream a lot in general, but these are dreams I remember... dreams I wake up from and then lay awake for a few hours because of how horrid they are... ugh. Last night was no exception, even though Julia and I BOTH slept through the entire night, and this morning another one of sheer exhaustion.

This next little section might seemingly have nothing to do with being pregnant and might seem a bit "out there" for some of you... but hear me out.

When I talked with my doctor about it today, he asked if I thought it was spiritual warfare. WOW. Never had even crossed my mind, but as we talked about it more, it seems plausible. He asked how my faith walk was, how life in general was going, and we both came to the conclusion that since things ARE good right now in so many aspects of my life, the most susceptible I am to attack is while I am asleep. He also made mention of how often times some spiritual attacks seem focused on children... and that really caught me for a second... because most of my bad dreams are something horrid to do with Julia, and I wake up absolutely feeling distraught, fearful, and overly tired. As if I had been awake all night fighting and crying and pleading... wild, absolutely wild. So much of what he said made sense...

I want to write him a thank you card for thinking of this; it gives me something to focus on when praying over... especially since I have felt a strong need to pray lately, but I don't always know WHAT I should be praying over... God works, He works. I truly feel like He spoke today... and thankfully, my ears were open.