Monday, April 29, 2013

Anna Started It

What I was hoping to be a quick photo shoot turned into the girls sticking seeded out grass into their mouths.

Oh, and yes, Raven did in fact take the grass from Julia’s mouth and put it in her own.  Ha!







Do you need to see three pictures of a cheerio on Anna’s nose?  Yes, yes, you do, when a baby is this cute.  (Biased?  Maybe.)




Reading Books

One weekend day when we were experiencing a bit of snow recently (very recently, as in, this coming Wednesday), Julia set up the chairs against the bookshelf so that Anna could sit there with her and read.  Very cute, and I couldn’t help snapping a few shots!



Oh, and yes, in case you were wondering, Julia does wear ballet outfits as often as possible.



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Beard

After reaching 8.5 inches, Adam decided give the beard a trim.  It’s still bushy and not at all short, but it’s not 8.5 inches long anymore.  Here’s a picture of him measuring it out before he cut it.

2013-04-09 the beard

Snow Day!

Last Tuesday we all stayed home together while it snowed outside (yes – last Tuesday, which was April 9 – yesterday we got 10 inches!).

Adam stayed home to watch the girls for me so I could work.  At some point in the day, the girls had built themselves a little nest in the corner by the bookshelf, and the three of them read books and played.  So cute, all three of them together!

(Love the headbands!)

2013-04-09 girls (4)

2013-04-09 girls (7)

2013-04-09 girls (8)

Caught in the Act

This is why cleaning the house is futile when an 11-month-old is on the prowl…

2013-04-13 anna mags (4)

2013-04-13 anna mags