Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I’ve finally started reading blogs again after a long break.

Perhaps that means I may feel desire to write them again – there’s a glimmer of hope.

It is hard to explain or perhaps it’s that I believe it might not be understood – that it’s possible to have SO many words in one’s head that it’s almost as if they’ve stopped up the exit and renders me completely incapable of writing, let alone string along a set of words into a coherent thought through my mouth.

But there’s hope.

Friday, October 3, 2014

This is For You

These words.  These are for you.  These words are for me.  These words.  This.


"He is Here" by Gungor

He is here.

He’s right here.

In this room; in your heart.

He is near.Nearer than breath; heartbeat.

Nearer than you are to you, closer than second chance, or next opportunity.Closer than tonight, or yesterday.

He is real.

More real than touch; see, hear, smell, or taste.More real than reality; he is our reality!More real than joy, pain, sorrow, or the love of being in love.

He is present.Like space, wind, time, silence, night.

He is waiting.Like; creation.

Like words on the tip of tongue.

Like; songs that have yet to be sung.

He is beauty.And oranges, blues, every hue, every shade.

Sunset and sunrise whisper his name.

He is holy.

Cannot be touched, explained, like; sweet seconds of prayer.Like; grandmother on knees.Wood floor, bare.

He is old hymns.

The extending of limbs, stretched across trees;strives to heal disease.

He is son.Distinctly three; distinctly one.The only one.The only wise.The only resurrector of lives.

He is king.

And no earthly throne can house him.

No amount of elegant words can espouse him.

He is moment, and voice.Power of choice.

And word.

And deed.

And fruit.

And seed.

Nailed hands; nailed feet.Innocent wounds, that bleed.

He is believe.

He is all

He is call, and purpose.

Everything we can sacrifice he’s worth it, and more.Much more.

Our good deeds are mere pities; we’re never even to score.

He is behold.

And wow, he is who, what, when, why, how.

He is the one who puts on the show.

He is the one that we turn to see.

He is souls’ cry, and sinners’ bleed.

He is the epitome that no one can light a candle to or, come within a million-foot pole of.

He is above.He is a father’s love.

Maker of waves, of earth and wind.Ancient of days.

Has no fear.Have no fear!Have no fear! Our God is here!