Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Go, Packers, Go!

I have to give a shout out to the Green Bay Packers for their win last night against the Denver Broncos. The Packers are now 6-1... woohoo!

Even though we don't have cable, we have the Internet, and through nfl.com, I was able to keep up with the game last night, while Adam enjoyed a few beers down at Woody's and watched the game on the big screen there.

Go, Packers, Go!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Date Night!

I wanted to say THANK YOU to my darling husband Adam for a WONDERFUL night out this last Friday (Oct 26)! We celebrated our 5th anniversary (which was Oct 19) with a dinner at Tursi's Latin King in Des Moines, followed by a movie. We saw 'Dan in Real Life'... great romantic comedy!

We had a moment of realization during the movie when I said to Adam, "Do you realize this is probably the last movie we'll see before we have the baby?" He joked back that the next time we want to go see a movie, it'll cost us $80 (for tickets & baby-sitting). Guess we'll be buying/renting all movies we want to watch from now on... ;)

Thank you, Adam!


OB Visit Update: 36 weeks, 3 days

Hi, all!

Had my latest OB visit today. I think due to being extra-tired today, I forgot half of the information (or forgot to ask for) I usually find out. Oh, well!

My last appointment was 2 weeks ago.

Weight gain: +2 lbs (for a total of 22 lbs... still doing well there!)

Fundal height/belly size: No Idea.

Blood Pressure: No Idea, but must be okay. ;)

Baby's Heartbeat: 140's today

Also was checked for dilation/effacement... basically, nothing going on there. Which, means absolutely nothing, other than that most likely, this babe is going to cook a bit longer, which is perfectly fine with me!

I've been feeling well... no swelling issues to speak of... not feeling sick or anything (although I think I have a minor cold)... and other than being tired from being up randomly through the night, all is well!

My next appointment is next Monday! I'll report more then! :)


Last Baby Shower!

My friends, Alecia and Amy, hosted a baby shower for me on Saturday, October 27, 2007, at 10 AM at Trinity Reformed Church here in Pella. It was a lot of fun! They did an excellent job of decorating up the basement with balloons and streamers. We also had very delicious sugar cookies with cake-like frosting (of which I am hording the remainders of in my home, and eating them at every whim)!

(Alecia, me, and Amy)
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I was overjoyed to have so many friends in Pella show up for the shower… what a blessing! I also received wonderful gifts! (I’ve included a few pictures… one of a baby quilt I received and also one of an outfit with a little lamb on the shirt.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Hard to believe that this pregnancy is drawing to a close! I have 25 days left (give or take, you know) as of today! Time has been flying by, I must say. This picture was taken on Saturday after I came home from my shower.

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Thank you, again, Alecia and Amy, for a wonderful shower! Thank you to all of you who came!


Friday, October 26, 2007

GEMS Theme Night: Being a "True Princess"

Wednesday night (10/24/2007) at church, we had our annual GEMS Theme Night.
(GEMS = Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior -- Girls' Club for the Reformed Church)

Theme Night was all about learning what it means to be a "True Princess" of the King (Jesus/God).

So... the counselors got all decked out in their finest gear, the church basement was decorated for a tea party, and a crowning station was set up.

Each counselor and GEMS girl was crowned with a sparkling crown that night. I was the "True Princess" and read a story from a book called "The True Princess" that night, and then the girls worked on their "Royal Scrolls" with their counselors, while enjoying punch and cookies / bars.

Being as how I'm 8 / 9 months pregnant now (today is 36 weeks... 4 weeks -- give or take -- to go), I wasn't quite sure what to wear, but got the bright idea that I could probably fit into the dress I wore for my sister's wedding four years ago. Sure enough, Adam was able to squeeze me into it! Thank goodness it had an empire waist... that was the only way I had any chance!

Here are a few pictures from the night! :)

(me in my Princess dress)
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(the counselors)
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(my class - 7th grade! My co-counselor, Alecia, is in the back on the right in the brown sweater. Our junior counselor, Jenna, is behind me -- pink sweater / white skirted dress.)
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quilt Top Finished!

Good evening!

My good friend, Chrissy, drove from Cedar Rapids to Pella (via Des Moines) to spend the day quilting with me... we had a fabulous time! Even with our 2.5-hour "break" to eat lunch and check out the local shops (you should see the great winter jackets we bought!!!), we still managed to get a lot done!

And... yes, I actually finished the baby's quilt top today! :) I will be taking it to a quilter's on Tuesday... I'm so excited! So... I had to post quickly and show it to you! Please disregard any "mistakes" you might find... I find that my brain doesn't work so well when pregnant, especially when it comes to figuring out measurements (apparently). The top also ended up a lot bigger than I expected (58" x 58")... oh, well! Baby will be able to "use" this quilt for a number of years! :)

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Otherwise... I've been feeling well! Today it feels as though the baby is trying to escape out through my abdomen... thankfully the baby has a few more weeks to figure out exactly HOW it is supposed to come out! :) And... I'm a bit slower than usual, but that's to be expected. Imagine a pregnant woman trying to "run" across the street in front of traffic... yah, figured out today that doesn't work so well and it ended in a fit of laughter. ;)

Have a good evening!


Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15: OB Update!

Good morning!

We had our latest OB appointment today at 8 AM.

I am 34 weeks, 3 days today. Normally we go on Tuesdays, but tomorrow we are headed to Platteville for the day, so we had our appointment today.

Here are today's stats:

Total Weight Gain: +20 lbs; I've gained 1 lb in the last two weeks. (WOOHOO!)

Baby's Heartbeat: 150's (still consistent)

My Blood Pressure today: 120/70 (WOOHOO!)

Fundal height (belly measurement): 39 cm / 39 weeks (According to the ultrasound, all is well and there's nothing to be concerned with in terms of measuring 'big'... baby is 'right on' for size and there's no extra fluid or otherwise.)

Baby is still head down! Lots of pain in the ol' hip joints these days... but not expecting that to go away anytime soon. :)


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Murder Mystery!

Suspicion was in the air in "Cactus, Texas" on Friday night as 8 friends gathered and held a Murder Mystery Dinner party at Jeff & T's house in Central City.

About twice a year, a group of us dresses up, put on our best accents, and play act out parts to a murder mystery while eating dinner. This fall was a "Honky Tonk" theme with a fondue dinner (yum!). I've never cooked beef over fondue before, and I've never had chocolate on angel food cake... but it was delicious and worth a try!

In the end, it was the Reverend who "done it"... but we all had reasons as to why would have wanted the deceased, Bubba, out of our lives.

Adam played a Harley riding meanie... and I was the town tramp (lovely, especially at 8 months pregnant!). Wouldn't you know, my character had a secret... and sure enough, her secret was that she was pregnant! That sure worked out well!

As much as I might be asking to be shot myself for posting these pictures... I had to share a few lovely tributes to our night together!

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And... what evening wouldn't be complete without two rounds of Turbo Cranium where the gals whoops the guys... what fun! :)


CR Shower Update with Photos!


Here are a few photos from the Cedar Rapids baby shower... thanks again to everyone who attended, hosted, and brought/sent gifts. You all are so wonderful! :)

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New Belly Shot!

Good Sunday to you all!

I wanted to post a new belly picture... this is me at 34 weeks (last Friday). Please excuse that I look like a tramp (I was supposed to... we were on our way to a Murdery Mystery Dinner and I was the town........ yah).

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Hugs to you all!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Hello and Happy Friday!

Just a quick post to say...

Happy Annivesary to my mother- and father-in-law, Marcia & Ron!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday!

One more quick note for the night...

Happy Birthday to my sister, Lis! She turns 26 today!

Happy birthday, Lissy! I hope it was wonderful! :)

Fun Night... Fun Day... Fun Night

Good Monday evening, to you all!

Well... after a FUN night of watching the Packers dig their own graves last night (Bleh), I proceeded to attempt going to bed last night. That ended pretty quickly with some severe back pain (remnant from my back pull over Labor Day weekend)... and I was up all night. It's mid/upper back pain, and so not fun. Thankfully, my chiropractor's office opens at 7 AM, so I was there, in my delirious state (NO SLEEP last night)... and after he applied his magic touch, I was back in my bed and passed out by 7:30 AM. WOOHOO! (I slept till 1 PM... I think? It was awesome!) Basically, baby likes the right side of my body a lot, which is the side that was most affected by my Labor Day strain, and baby keeps pushing up into my ride-side rib cage... and that aggravated my back again. I just remind myself that I LOVE being pregnant and that the back pain is manageable with ice and a chiropractor... and that we have less than 7 weeks to go!

After that, I zombied my way through the afternoon (I could not think... I was so full of fuzz in my head)... but then got some wind early in the evening and proceeded to work on a number of things. I cleaned the car seat, stroller, and Pack N Play... then I went up to the baby's room and started working on more decorations and putting things away. Adam and I had a "hanging party" Friday night where we hung a lot of things up, but I still needed to hang up a shelf and then put things in various places. I figured I'd include a few pictures.

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Adam received his latest toy today... a harmonica microphone! I caught a picture of him testing it out... I like this picture, so I thought I'd share.
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Have a good evening!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Showers, Showers, Everywhere!


As much as I want to go watch the Packers game, I also need to give a shout out to my CR ladies for the AWESOME baby shower that they threw me last week in Cedar Rapids! (I just realized I haven't updated regarding that yet!)

Yet another shower filled with fun games, yummy food (mmmmmmmm.... cake!), and fabulous gifts!

A big thanks to Angela, Chrissy, and Tomorra for throwing a wonderfully fun shower! I hope everyone who attended had a good time as well! :)

The shower was the 30th from 2 - 4 pm. We sang Happy Birthday to our friend, Jill Jensen, and then ate cake and other delicious treats! (Two cakes! Thank goodness it was Jill's birthday weekend! Coconut & Mint Chocolate!) We played a few games (gotta love the 'Dirty Diaper' game... thank goodness it was chocolate on the inside and not... something else!!!)... and also had everyone guess the date, time, sex, etc., of the baby, which should be fun to determine who was closest once this little one reveals him/herself! The gifts were also quite wonderful! We received some really cute outfits and such, other items of great use (such as wipes, bottles, etc.), and two beautiful quilts! And... least we forget, the GREEN BAY PACKERS DIAPER BAG! WOOHOO!

I'll post pictures at some point... they are still on the camera! I also need a new belly picture!

(Okay... I've gotta go! The Packers just got their second touchdown!!!)


Ultrasound Update

Hello and Happy Sunday Evening!

I'm enjoying the Packers vs. Bears game right now, but thought I should best update my blog with the latest baby news.

We had an ultrasound on Friday (Oct. 5) because my belly was measuring a bit big. Good news is that baby is measuring right on target for our due date... we're still due November 23! The ultrasound tech took other measurements that my doctor will review to make sure all else is going well. No news on the sex of the baby... we'll find out in November, I guess! I've included an ultrasound pic... here's a profile of our dear little one!

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Other news... I have been put on 'limited travel' beginning October 26 (36 weeks pregnant). That means I'll be staying within an hour of home. Yes... that also means no trip to WI for dad's retirement party (Sorry, Papa Bear!) and no trips to Cedar Rapids for work either (until after baby comes along). And... right now, we have no plans for traveling anywhere TOO far before then (one trip scheduled to Platteville, WI, on the 16th)... so I'm pretty much a happy camper here at home. Let's hope I stay that way!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Hugs to you all!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Latest OB Appointment Update

Good morning to you all!

I had my most recent OB visit today... too fun!

I am 32 weeks, 4 days today, which means after today's appointment, we start going every two weeks. WOW! Getting closer!
(And my pre-baby list of things to do is getting LONGER AND LONGER!)

Here's today's stats:

Total Weight Gain: +19 lbs; I've gained 5 lbs in the last 4 weeks. I asked Adam to guess last night how much I might have gained... he's an ultraconservative guy, I guess (I love him dearly!), as he guessed 2.5 lbs. I guessed 5 lbs... right on the nose!

Baby's Heartbeat: 160's... 150's/160's have been fairly consistent.

My blood pressure today: 128/80

Fundal height (belly measurement): 38 cm / 38 weeks (Yup, still measuring big.)

And... the baby is head down. The doctor was able to "find" the head today with his hands (OUCH OUCH OUCH!) and even showed Adam how to find it (MORE OUCH!). Very cool, though!

I hope you're all having a great Tuesday!!!