Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ren Fest

If you've been following our blog the last few years, you might recall that we've gone to the Renaissance Festival in Des Moines.

After moving to Colorado, we knew we wouldn't be going to DSM anymore so we looked for a Ren Fest here.

All summer long there is a Fest in Larkspur, Colorado, about an hour south of our home.

On Father's Day we dressed up (me and the girls) and drove to Larkspur to attend. Much to our enjoyment, the Fest was rather large and there was lots to do and see.

Adam was a big fan if the comedy shows and the girls were huge fans if rides... Thankfully we found a free one.

We saw a lot of cool things... Elephant and camel rides...

A cool glass blowing demonstration (my fave... Wish I had more money...)

An amazing acrobatic duo... (yes, she is hanging from fabric...)

All in all we had a great day and are excited to go back again next year!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011


This weekend the family and I are in Boise visiting Adam's friend, Dave, who he met in Beer School. It was a long drive... 12 hours + stops... But worth it.

Dave's house is cool... Neat layout... Built in the 50's and decorated to match the style. They turned their steep lawn into beautiful stepped edible gardens and even keep chickens (I want).

We arrived yesterday and ate lunch at one of Dave's restaurants. We hung out last night.

Today we went tithe farmer's market and then to Rec Fest. We're currently enjoying the kids at the park. Tonight Jamie's parents are watching the kids so we can go see a Shakespeare play. Fun! (Jamie is Dave's wife.)

My apologies for blogging more... My iPhone has been my main source if Internet lately and today I finally downloaded a blogging tool. Yay!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yak & Yeti

I am pleased to announce that late this last week, Adam was hired as the new head brewer of the Yak and Yeti Restaurant and Brewery in Arvada, Colorado.
I'm very proud of Adam for taking a leap of faith, leaving his stable position with Pella Corp, and going back to school.  It wasn't easy for him to decide to leave his job, and it wasn't easy to turn down a potential job offer to take the open position at Siebel.  It wasn't easy to leave his family for three months, and it wasn't easy to return to the United States having had his world turned upside down, with his family in a different state and in a different "home".  It wasn't easy for Adam to be without a job for four months (Some days I think it might have been harder on me than him!  Ha!).  Some days he wondered if he had done the right thing, some days I wondered if he was going to survive "unemployment", and on those days, we both prayed.  A lot.
But, my man's got perseverance.  My man's got confidence.  My man's got faith.  My man's got the Lord.
So, honey, congratulations on your new position as head brewer!  I know you will make them proud!