Saturday, June 25, 2011


This weekend the family and I are in Boise visiting Adam's friend, Dave, who he met in Beer School. It was a long drive... 12 hours + stops... But worth it.

Dave's house is cool... Neat layout... Built in the 50's and decorated to match the style. They turned their steep lawn into beautiful stepped edible gardens and even keep chickens (I want).

We arrived yesterday and ate lunch at one of Dave's restaurants. We hung out last night.

Today we went tithe farmer's market and then to Rec Fest. We're currently enjoying the kids at the park. Tonight Jamie's parents are watching the kids so we can go see a Shakespeare play. Fun! (Jamie is Dave's wife.)

My apologies for blogging more... My iPhone has been my main source if Internet lately and today I finally downloaded a blogging tool. Yay!

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