Friday, November 15, 2013

18 Months!!!

Guess who is 18 months old today!!??!!  Anna!

2013-11-15 anna (21)

It is amazing to me how much Anna has changed in the last month… each month she changes more, but this last month has amazed me.

Still our super blondie… not so blue eyes anymore.  Finally long enough hair for mini pigtails.  Stats… we’ll know in a couple of weeks at her 18 month check up.

She talks… yes… mostly jabbers, but she talks, in baby sentences, and occasionally words pop out that we know.  Auntie Lis taught her how to say “please” when asking for things, one of her favorite words is, “baby”, and she’s added a load of others to her repertoire… owl, hi, bye, dada, ball, down, out, duck, owl, coat.  She tries hard to say “Minnie Mouse”.

She walks better every day and now only crawls “for fun”. 

She loves to wear her shoes around the house and recently moved into a size 6. 

She also loves her coat.  We used Raven’s coat from last year (3T), but she’s really wearing 2T for clothes… so big already!

She loves to read books, sing songs, and make a mess in her sister’s room.  (If you can’t find Anna, chances are that she’s digging in a toy bin in Julia and Raven’s room.)

Anna knows her family, and if you ask her, she will point to all of her family members, including Dante and Auntie Lis.  She has a new special bond with Dante, she has grown to love her Auntie, and generally has opened up more to people being in her space and she loves to play with her sisters (and “brother”).  She thinks that chasing and being chased is super fun.  She enjoyed her first dive into the leaves this fall too.

Suffice to say, our baby is a toddler… but she will always be my baby.  And when I ask her where Baby Anna is, she giggles, puts her hands over her mouth, and then pats herself.  Yep, that’s my girl.