Monday, November 26, 2012

Cow Pie

I read this great article in Better Homes and Gardens (THANKS, Chrissy, I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE!!!) about making pie crust and was given the idea of using cutouts instead of lattice or other crust tops for fruit pies.  I had made cherry pies with leaf and acorn cut outs for the girls for their daycare Thanksgiving and for Thanksgiving Day, I made…

A cow pie!

Love you, Wisconsin!

2012-11-22 thanksgiving (7)

2012-11-22 thanksgiving (8)

Nom nom nom!

BREAKFAST!  In a witch costume, no less.

2012-11-20 breakfast (1)

Cupcakes! Hello Kitty!

Julia celebrated her birthday at daycare on Nov 20.  Miss Erikka (Miss Erika?) also had a birthday last week on the 22nd and had planned to have a party for the kids on the 21st, so asked that we bring in Julia’s treat a day earlier.  Julia picked out the theme (Hello Kitty) and mommy made the cupcakes – the frosting was a bit… umm… not pink, thanks to the amount of food color I used, but overall, they were DELICIOUS.  (Not so the cake, which we will discuss later.)

2012-11-19 cupcakes

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Julia!

My “baby” turned 5 today… Happy Birthday, Julia!

2012-11-24 julia tree

More pictures and more blogging to come.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our baby is 6 months old!

It’s a gorgeous day and I absentmindedly put this dress on Anna only to remember in the middle of church that I had wanted to take her 6 month pictures in this dress, so hey, PROVIDENCE!

This dress was a gift from my mom when Julia was a baby and this dress fit Julia well when Julia was 9 months old.  It fits Anna well now except that it’s short (because Anna is tall) and I have always loved this dress.  So after church, Mommy and Baby headed outside for a quick photo shoot (Daddy helped too).

We’ve been working on Anna’s sitting this week and she did really well.

2012-11-18 anna (15)

2012-11-18 anna (31)

2012-11-18 anna (115)

When she starts to get mad…

… she starts to turn green.  See?

2012-11-17 green lips (2)

(Okay, really she just happened to find a green marker and tried to eat it – what the WHAT? – and first we made her look at herself in the mirror, which really upset her when she saw what she had done, and then Adam decided we needed a picture too.  Raven wasn’t too happy about having her picture taken.)


This time I was the dummy who forgot to lock a vehicle at night… Strike #2 by Idiot Thieves at our home… I say Idiot, because even though I was the dummy who left the vehicle unlocked, the Thieves took the TomTom and car chargers… but didn’t notice Adam’s laptop in the backseat (whew….)….


Thankfully we don’t need a TomTom anymore because we use our phones exclusively for getting us places… Adam ordered new phone chargers so that we have those in the van again.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Anna’s 6 Month Checkup

I took Anna for her 6 month checkup today.  Developmentally she’s doing well, though we need to work on her sitting.  She proved once again to be a happy baby and handled her shots well.

However, we were told today that she hadn’t gained as much weight as they would like.  She only gained 7 oz and I guess that’s not enough – it dropped her to 47th percentile, even though her height (27.5”) is at 96th percentile.



We go back in two weeks for a weight check to see if she’s gained weight.  Here’s hoping!

Anna is almost exclusively on formula now.  After a couple of tough weeks at work and coming home late, I was pumping less and less and nursing less and less.  We’re down to one nursing session a day and otherwise Anna is drinking formula.

We did start her on oatmeal a few weeks ago and will now add in regular veggies and fruits and hope that helps too.

I know I shouldn’t worry and I’m not necessarily – but a little bit of me feelings like a Mommy Failure.  I know that her poor sleeping of late is due to her being hungry and I do give her bottles in the middle of the night, but I never thought it would result in a weight issue.  She *looks* fine to me, so even though she only gained 7 oz, hopefully it’s a non-issue.  If she doesn’t gain weight in the next two weeks, we will have to add-in special “fortified” formula and see if that helps.

Otherwise, Anna is doing well.  She’s a pretty calm baby, but she has learned how to cry and throw a fit when she’s upset or wants something.  The big girls can make her smile and laugh but can also overwhelm her pretty quick, so it’s still a learning process for all of us that way.

Off to get the girlies from daycare… Happy Weekend!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anna B. is 6 months old today!

2012-11-15 anna

No words can describe how quickly the last 6 months have gone.

No words can describe the love that I have for this child (or my other two).

We are so VERY blessed!

More tomorrow on Anna… well baby checkup in the morning!


Sunday, November 11, 2012


… feel my heart, it’s beeping!

(Julia, you melt MY heart!)