Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Steps!

This morning Raven took her first steps!  I was getting the girls dressed this morning, and after I buttoned Raven's pants, I left her standing... and, facing away from me even, she took two or three steps and then plopped onto her bottom.  How fun!  It's a start!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Raven!

Today, Raven is ONE YEAR OLD!

Here is a quick trip down memory lane... Raven's "Year in Pictures"

Mommy at 39 weeks pregnant (3 days before Raven was born):

39 Weeks

Raven just born:

Birth Day 1

In the hospital:

Birth Day 2

Raven in Hospital

Sisters meet:

Meeting Sister

Mommy and her darlings:

Mom & Daughters

Going home:

Raven Going Home

One Month:

1 Month Old

Two Months:

2 Months Old

Three Months:

3 Months Old

Four Months:

4 Months Old

Five Months:

5 Months Old

Six Months:

6 Months Old

Seven Months:

7 Months Old

Eight Months:

8 Months Old

Nine Months:

9 Months Old

Ten Months:

10 Months Old

Eleven Months:

11 Months Old

TODAY! Raven's Birthday!

One Year Old

As you can imagine, it was quite emotional going through posts and pictures to find the pictures to post here... what a year it has been and so full of memories!

Happy birthday to my darling girl!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Papa & Grammy Visit!

Earlier this week my parents came to visit (Wednesday to Thursday) to visit Raven and Julia prior to Raven's birthday. We had a lovely time Wednesday evening with a yummy pepperoncini beef dinner, a short walk, and presents.




Thursday morning we spent time uptown, and then we had BBQ beef brisket for lunch from Ulrich. Grammy and Papa bought the girls cupcakes which they both devoured (and they both left a mess).

It was lovely to see Grammy and Papa and Julia has been having (fake) phone conversations with her "friends" telling them about Grammy and Papa and Buscha and Papa visiting. How fun!


A Piano Moving Party Masquerading as a Birthday Party

Oh...! Did you think we invited you to a BIRTHDAY party today? Ha, ha, jokes on you! Today is really a PIANO MOVING party!

This last week, both on separate days, Adam and I saw a piano in the neighbor's garage. Knowing that they were having a garage sale on Saturday, I popped over Friday to inquire about the piano, and learning that it was FOR SALE, I asked the cost. Upon finding out, I exclaimed, I want it! I'm buying it! (WITHOUT CONSULTING MY HUSBAND!)

After Adam arrived home Friday night, I found that we both had seen potential in the piano but hadn't talked about it, so it was fun to find out that Adam was as interested as I was. Saturday morning, so as not offend anyone coming to purchase the piano, I walked over to the garage sale, waited dutifully outside, and upon opening of the garage door, I walked to the table, whipped out my checkbook, and wrote a check. Then I went home and made a SOLD sign for it. Thank goodness I was so quick to do this... I found out yesterday that a number of people came to the garage sale wanting to buy it. Yay!

You might know that we already had a piano. It was Adam's great-aunt Evelyn's piano, and we've had it since 2003. Upon deciding to buy the neighbor's piano, Adam called his siblings to see if anyone wanted Evelyn's piano, and tomorrow Adam's parents are taking the piano home to Sister Claire.

We are excited about our new piano... but it is BIG and HEAVY (and BEAUTIFUL!). Might have to re-arrange the living room again.

Here are a few pictures... it's hard to see the piano being moved... it took A LOT of guys to move it... taking the old piano out only took four people... as you can see, it took a lot more to get the 'new' one in!





A big THANK YOU to all of the guys at Raven's Party (I mean, the Piano Moving Party) who helped moved the Behemoth into the house! It is greatly appreciated!


Raven's First Birthday Party!

Today we held Raven's First Birthday Party in our backyard in the late afternoon. Raven's birthday is tomorrow... how amazing that she will be ONE tomorrow!

Here are some pictures from today's event.

The backyard decorated and ready for the party.


Party favor bags... yes, gender-specific... pink for girls and blue for boys!


Raven's birthday banner.


Chattin' with friends on the deck.


Kids playing on the playground equipment.



Julia and her friend "Gukie".



Julia and Raven checking out Raven's cake.


Getting started...


Whoops, Daddy made her mad!




Treats for everyone!






Hanging out with Friend Greta on Raven's flippy couch.


We had Arby's roast beef, beans, and chips, and then we had cake, cupcakes, rice crispie treats, and ice cream. It was so awesome to spend such a special time with so many of our good friends (and family too!), and days like today remind me of how incredibly blessed I (we) am (are)!

As I put Raven to bed tonight, I confess I had a little tear, as I remembered putting to Julia to bed this night one year ago... she was expected to stay the night at Miss Linda's the night of the 13th right before Raven's Birth Day, so I tucked Julia in extra tight and gave her some extra love... and tonight I put my Baby Raven to bed knowing that she would be ONE in the morning... my how precious life and time is... how quickly it all flies by.

Thank you so much to all of you who came to visit this week (Mom & Dad Rischette) and who came to the party... it is so wonderful to have you all in our lives and sharing these special times with us!


Raven's First Birthday Party: Prep

Throughout the week I did a few things each day to read for Raven's party... from buying food to ordering items needed to making cupcakes and cake. It was leisurely and enjoyable.

Making cupcakes...


Raven's cake completed...


Cupcakes completed... white with lemon, chocolate, or cream cheese frosting and chocolate with the same... yum!


Making frosting for the Raspberry-laced Vanilla Cake...


Raspberry-laced Vanilla Cake decorated...


Small note on the raspberry cake... I saw this recipe on the back on a cake flour box some time ago and have always wanted an excuse to make it... this is a great example of loving the process... I never ate a single piece, but I thoroughly enjoyed making the cake! (I heard it was good!)

Making the paper doily garland...




Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Great Day for a Faire

This last Saturday, we took the family to the Des Moines Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow Recreation Park.  What a fun time!  The weather was PERFECT (about 75 - 79 degrees), the sun was shining, and we had a blast watching the shows (our fave: Charming & Dashing), eating the food, and viewing the "exhibits" (sword fighting, etc.).

We went to the Faire last year on Labor Day weekend as well... just a mere week before Raven was born!  I will say that the weather this year was FAR superior.  :)
Julia is now the proud owner of her very own Fairy Wings.  We saw a pair while in a shop and after talking to Daddy, Julia and I went back and picked out a pair... of course, she picked out pink after a very long drawn out "Ummmm.....".

The highlights of the day for Julia included the Micro Pigs (they really do stay small!), ice cream, and playing on the big yellow "safety" bags under Jacob's Ladder.

We also saw our friends Mark & Nancy while we were there; it was fun to share the Ren Faire with them a little bitty.

So excited to go again next year!