Monday, September 6, 2010


After a particularly messy dinner, I sent the now-falling-apart high chair to the deck and bought Raven her "birthday present"... her very own booster chair!  She loves being at the same level as Julia and tonight they even shared their dinner.  Heh.
This last week it was finally cool enough where I felt as though Raven needed to wear socks and shoes... and would you know, it was Raven's FIRST TIME wearing shoes?!?!  Almost a year old and she hadn't worn shoes yet... wow!  She is not particularly fond of them but she will get used to them as the weather progressively becomes cooler.

Raven isn't walking yet but she WILL walk if she can hold onto your hands and so she giggles and laughs as we stroll around the house.  She likes to stand... and stand... and stand.... she isn't "furniture walking" yet but we think maybe she's too "wild" for that and will just decide to walk for real one of these days instead.

She has taken on a new warble of sounds and in keeping with her name, she sounds like a bird... a tortured one at that.  This is the sound she makes when she has been left alone for too long WITHOUT FOOD, MOM, THERE IS NO FOOD ON MY TRAY!!!  WHERE DID YOU GO!  Or in her crib for MOM, IT HAS BEEN TWO SECONDS SINCE I WOKE UP... DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?  COME HERE THIS INSTANT, WOMAN, BEFORE A FLOCK OF BIRDS WHICH I AM CALLING WITH MY WARBLE DESCENDS ON THIS HOUSE.
Yes, her warble is as annoying as reading most of that paragraph in Caps.
Raven doesn't back down from a rustle with her sister and it is becoming increasingly fun to watch the girls interact with each other.  Raven has enough momentum that she can easily take Julia down even though Julia outweighs her, and both girls think it is hilarious when they collapse to the ground together. 

RAVEN HAS TWO MORE TEETH!  Raven's top two teeth have popped through in the last week much to our delight but she has also started grinding her teeth much to our dismay... now I remember why Julia had her pacifier so much at this age... it was the teeth grinding... now Raven gets her pacifier more too.
That's Raven, for now.  She is no longer the quiet little thing who didn't make a peep... she is making herself KNOWN in the family... but thankfully she is still a happy cat much of the time as well.  :)


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