Monday, September 6, 2010


This is how Julia spent much of the day Sunday (after church and shopping, of course) after she found a discarded tub in the basement and much to her glee, it was the perfect little nest for herself, her animals, her snack, and her milk.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of her in it.
We are so happy with the progression of Julia's vocabulary and pronunciation these days... it seems each day she is tackling a new word with ease and "fixing" the old ones... pocket is now a "pocket" and she has a host of new words that she loves to use.

Julia also knows how to sing the ABCs... the FULL ABCs... and sings them TO us and WITH us and to herself quite often... and she loves to start in the middle and end... then start over again... it is a fabulous, fabulous song!  Along with the ABCs is a rough rendition of Happy Birthday, but it too is coming along nicely!

Colors are coming along... Julia knows white, purple, and blue very well.  She tries with the others, but we are still getting there.  But she does understand when things are "the same" so she came up to me tonight and picked up something yellow and said, "Mommy, same as duck!"  Sure enough.  :)  Today we discussed different hair colors and she proudly proclaimed that everyone in our family has brown hair.  Fun, fun!
Julia starts Sunday School (called Discovery Time) this fall.  The "open house" didn't go so well so I'm doing a lot of praying that she is willing to go and stay when DT starts on the 12th.  That day especially will be interesting as neither mommy or daddy can stay with her... we both have our respective "tasks" at church that morning... should be interesting!

Julia is such a blessing in our lives and we are so thankful to God that he bestowed her upon us to keep her!  Her knowledge continues to grow in regards to Jesus and I can assume that I have M'Amy to thank for that... each day she begs to sing "Jesus songs" and we read "Jesus books" (Bibles and my Bible History books from grade school) and she has a fascination with Jesus... ah, to have to faith of a child again, eh?  :)


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