Monday, September 6, 2010

The Pantry & Kitchen Cupboards

We have a pantry in our kitchen, but either we haven't been using it the way it was designed to be used, or we haven't been using it well.  Regardless, every few months I pull everything out of it, clean it, organize it, pitch old stuff, and shove everything back in there... to have it look like a disheveled mess about 24 hours later.  I have tried numerous things to keep the pantry clean, but because of the wide open space in the middle, it's really difficult to put food in the pantry and actually utilize it well.

Some time ago I got an inkling that maybe I should move seldom used appliances to the pantry and move the food to the kitchen cupboards in the hope that this would keep the pantry more organized and we could finally keep the door shut on it, as we wouldn't be in and out of the pantry dozens of times a day.  (At least, what feels like dozens of times.)

So, Friday I began the process and this ended up flowing to about 75% of the cupboards in the kitchen... and, in the end, I had more room to work with and we have room to grow again.  Yay!  It remains to be seen how well I organized the food, but I think the process was worth it, if for anything, cupboards and pantry were cleaned and old stuff was pitched. 

These pictures are the "after"... I didn't think to take "before".


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