Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Great Day for a Faire

This last Saturday, we took the family to the Des Moines Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow Recreation Park.  What a fun time!  The weather was PERFECT (about 75 - 79 degrees), the sun was shining, and we had a blast watching the shows (our fave: Charming & Dashing), eating the food, and viewing the "exhibits" (sword fighting, etc.).

We went to the Faire last year on Labor Day weekend as well... just a mere week before Raven was born!  I will say that the weather this year was FAR superior.  :)
Julia is now the proud owner of her very own Fairy Wings.  We saw a pair while in a shop and after talking to Daddy, Julia and I went back and picked out a pair... of course, she picked out pink after a very long drawn out "Ummmm.....".

The highlights of the day for Julia included the Micro Pigs (they really do stay small!), ice cream, and playing on the big yellow "safety" bags under Jacob's Ladder.

We also saw our friends Mark & Nancy while we were there; it was fun to share the Ren Faire with them a little bitty.

So excited to go again next year!

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