Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Raven!

Today, Raven is ONE YEAR OLD!

Here is a quick trip down memory lane... Raven's "Year in Pictures"

Mommy at 39 weeks pregnant (3 days before Raven was born):

39 Weeks

Raven just born:

Birth Day 1

In the hospital:

Birth Day 2

Raven in Hospital

Sisters meet:

Meeting Sister

Mommy and her darlings:

Mom & Daughters

Going home:

Raven Going Home

One Month:

1 Month Old

Two Months:

2 Months Old

Three Months:

3 Months Old

Four Months:

4 Months Old

Five Months:

5 Months Old

Six Months:

6 Months Old

Seven Months:

7 Months Old

Eight Months:

8 Months Old

Nine Months:

9 Months Old

Ten Months:

10 Months Old

Eleven Months:

11 Months Old

TODAY! Raven's Birthday!

One Year Old

As you can imagine, it was quite emotional going through posts and pictures to find the pictures to post here... what a year it has been and so full of memories!

Happy birthday to my darling girl!


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Laura and Randy said...

absolutely love the photos----you are so blessed! Yeh Raven and Julia!!! Keep Mom and Dad hopping!!!