Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pella Love: Pella Corp

I know that for some people, it might be hard to have Pella Love for Pella Corp these days.  After all, they've recently gone through a down-sizing due to the economy (especially related to housing and housing products), and some people, even some we know and love well, are suffering the consequences.  We ourselves are planning our move in part due to the happenings at Pella Corp.
However, it wouldn't even be possible to be writing these posts or to be living the story of who we are right now if it weren't for Pella Corp.

Our Pella Corp adventure actually began in 1998... before Adam and I started dating, but after we met.  We were in differential equations together, and then that summer he left for a co-op with Pella.  That co-op left Adam with an experience he would try to match with internships at Creative Automation, Lands End, and Newell Rubbermaid.
Due to the economy after 9/11, Adam and I decided that we would hang onto my stable job at Rockwell Collins and that he would move to Cedar Rapids with me and try to find something.  He did, after six long months of job hunting.  However, through our few years in Cedar Rapids, Pella was constantly brought up... over and over and over again.
One night I was working late and Adam called me at work.  He said he had heard that Pella Corp had job openings and what did I think.  I think the response was something akin to, "apply or never speak of Pella Corp again."
And so began our adventure here.
Six years ago this weekend we put an offer on this house.  This coming Monday is Adam's six year anniversary with Pella Corp.  Adam has enjoyed a healthy working relationship with many coworkers and has been in the door plant for some years.  I also did a stint at Pella Corp before deciding that my heart liked in avionics/aerospace. 
Pella Corp ultimately led us to a wonderful and beautiful town... at one point, we had envisioned raising our kids here.  Even before we considered applying at Pella Corp, we had visited the town and had said it was a place we could live.  Pella Corp led us to what has been a awesome six years of our lives, and we are so very thankful for the opportunities that Pella Corp afforded us. 

And that is why Pella Corp deserves some of my Pella Love.

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