Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Girl

Have you seen a happier girl?

We went to Wisconsin... "home"... for a long Thanksgiving the 20th through 28th of November.  We were excited to spend time with both my and Adam's family while we were there. 
The first day we arrived we spent with my parents, sister, and nieces.  What a great time it was!  We had seen Laila and Hannah in September, but it was fun to have the whole family together.
We had "Christmas" for the girls as we knew we wouldn't be coming back to Wisconsin at Christmas.  Above is the gift Julia received from her cousins... she was so excited.  Ariel has been loved pretty well over the last two weeks, and she is already missing a shoe and needs a good hair combing.  But, it is glorious fun to see Julia love on her doll so much.  The girl loves her dollies. 

(I need to go to bed.  Heh.)

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