Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ariel Birthday

Weeks and weeks before Julia turned three, she announced that she wanted an "Ariel Birthday" and here we are, weeks and weeks later, and she still talks about her wonderful "Ariel Birthday" as if it were yesterday.

We celebrated Julia's 3rd birthday in Wisconsin this year... also experiencing our first snow of the season which prevented a number of people from being able to journey to Grandpa and Buscha's house for Julia's party.  But, we all had a great time, and everyone listened when I told them they all had to eat four bowls of soup... ha, some people did!
Julia and Raven enjoyed playing with their cousin Dex before the party, and Julia LOVED her cake (Thank you, Festival Foods!), being sung to, blowing out the candles.  It was fun to watch her experience her birthday this year, as she was able to participate instead of just being a participant... she enjoyed every part of it... being with family... opening presents.
We're so thankful for those who were able to be there with us, those who we partied with the day before (my family), and those who were able to join The Girls out for Julia's Birthday Movie to see Tangled (Buscha, GreatAuntie T, Great Auntie Dix).  All around we had a great time celebrating Julia's birthday this year!  (And let me just say that for it being her first movie, Julia did FABULOUSLY watching the movie!  Yay!)

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