Thursday, December 2, 2010

Julia Update

Julia had her 3-year checkup at the doctor's today.  I'm happy to report that she's right on track developmentally, which is great news!

Julia has the following current stats:
Height: 36.5" (37th percentile)
Weight: 29.5 lb (~40th percentile)
She also had her BMI checked for the first time; she was 46th percentile, which basically means she's not malnourished or fat.  Yay!

Julia was such a BIG girl today!  We had our chiropractor appointment first, through which she was AMAZING!  Then, she was a great big sister to Raven and talked Raven through her chiropractor appointment (she loves to make people feel better!).  Then it was onto the checkup at the clinic, and she was wonderful.  She allowed her height, temp, and weight to be taken without problem.  She was crazy talkative with the nurse and was great about letting the doctor check her heart and lungs, look in her ears, mouth, and nose, and generally check her out.
Then came the blood draw... and Julia sat patiently through the needle poke and subsequent SQQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING of her finger.  Not a tear!  She had a few tears during her two shots, but again, she was such a trooper!  Miss Julia came home with SIX stickers today!  Heh!
And, during our appointments this morning, I came up with a sort of "theme" for December... so look for the first installment tomorrow!  I wanted to write one today, but got a bit busy, so I'm looking forward to writing to you all tomorrow!

Have a great night!


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