Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All the Rest....

..... have 31...
December has 31 days!  My goal is to blog/post once a day for the month.  I did this back in the spring and it was a fun experience for me... a way to get my words and pictures out there.  This last weekend I was reading posts from 2009 and thought, dang, I was more witty in 2009... look at what having a second child has done to me!

At any rate, I wish I would have posted earlier today when I was feeling... happier?  I'm feeling pretty "meh" tonight... no real reason... just a combination things from the day.  I even had something I wanted to post about earlier but it has since flown my head.

You can expect a number of Thanksgiving posts over the next few days... I'm looking forward to sharing pictures from Thanksgiving with you!

And, I'm also looking forward to whatever I might come up with for daily posts... I thought at first I'd shoot for a theme, but nothing overly exciting came to mind... so, it could be an interesting 31 days!

Normally we are very busy in December, but we celebrated a big holiday/vacation in Wisconsin with our family, so it will just be our small family for Christmas this year.  It seems like I should be busier... wrapping gifts... or decorating... or something... but the decorating has been done for a few weeks, and most of the gift wrapping is done as well... so, I suppose I will knit, help put the finishing touches on the Christmas program at church, do a little bit for Discovery Time, and otherwise try to enjoy Christmas and December this year instead of whizzing through it like normal!

I hope you all had a better Wednesday than I did... here's looking to a better tomorrow!


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