Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I completely forgot a post yesterday.  It was intentional.  I worked on our Christmas letter yesterday, and in doing so, I somehow had convinced my brain that I had written a blog post... especially since my blog address is at the top of the letter!  Whoops!

So a note on Christmas cards... ours obviously aren't out yet... but hardly any one's are!  It is December 8th and we have yet to receive a Christmas card from anyone we know.  (We have received Christmas cards from Adam's chiropractor and our Sunday paper carrier.)  I am a little surprised... I mean, I can't say much, as mine aren't out yet, but it is for good reason (I wanted to order them AFTER our family pictures, which were November 26th, and hopefully the cards will be here this week yet.)  How about you?  Have you received a bunch or does it seem that Christmas card sending is less and less of a priority for people?  Or, maybe we aren't on people's lists this year... hmm.  Food for thought.

I love a good Christmas card.  There are some I absolutely look forward to receiving every year... it's a little added spice to our holiday season.  I also love sending them, and I seem to send more and more each year, but it's a fun and endearing way to let people know what has happened in our lives.  I recently heard of a great tradition from a good friend of mine that I hope to start carrying out... ever since her children were small, she has placed a letter and photo in an album, and the kids are able to look back and see pictures of their family as it has grown over the years, and also reread the letter about what they've done that year.  What a great idea!
Do you have any Christmas card traditions?  I hope you all are having a beautiful holiday season!

ps.  I'll be back with another "make-up" post later!

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Becky said...

I was wondering that too. I've gotten five cards, so far, but figured the small amount was due to the fact that I didn't get any out last year and that our address has changed. I am currently working on mine and just addressed yours :)