Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm pooped tonight so this will be a short post.
How coincidental...
Exactly 52 weeks ago last night, Julia had a 105.5 fever and I took her to the emergency room because I could not get it to go down.  (Mainly because I could not get my child to take any medicine... completely listless one second, but shove that dropper in her mouth and she was a writhing fool.)  She ended up staying home with Daddy the next day so that I could go to my Donatech Holiday Lunch.  According to Adam, she was fine by about 9:30 AM that morning and bouncing off the walls the rest of the day.  We also ended missing going to Springfield, IL, to meet up with my friend Wanda because I didn't know if Julia had the Llama Flu or not or what the deal was.
Around 11:30 pm last night, I heard irregular breathing through the baby monitor, and I found Julia struggling to breathe regularly (she was breathing, but it was obviously labored) and pretty much she freaked me out.  I took her temperature and it was something like 103.5.  I asked her if she would take some medicine for Mommy, and she said yes.  (!!!)  I gave her some Tylenol and brought her to my bed so I could keep an eye on her for the night.  Thankfully she was feeling much better this morning, but since she had a slight fever this morning, we stayed home.  This year I did miss my holiday party (oh, well).  And, sure enough, by 9:00 am, her fever was gone.  She has been doing great the rest of the day!
Thanks to Wanda for reminding me it was exactly a year ago last night... heh.

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