Friday, December 3, 2010

Pella Love: PRHC/PMC

I've decided to title a series of Pella-related articles this month, "Pella Love", to discuss some of the many reasons why we/I love Pella.  As you know (or might know, if you read this post), Adam took voluntary leave from his job at Pella Corp early in November, and he will be done with his work there in late January.  Our house has been for sale for two weeks now, and our plan is to move.  Where?  Not sure yet... hopefully Colorado... but we're trying hard to be trusting in God's plan for us and for Him to reveal to us what it is we are supposed to do.  So, that leads me to these Pella posts.  After all, the last six years of our lives have meant a great deal to us... so much love, learning, and growing.  I can imagine that some of these posts will be really hard to write, and may even make me wish that we weren't moving.  But, there are times when you know you are doing the right thing for your family and yourself and this is one of those times.

(So, house hexers, please take your hexes off my house.  Ha!)

These posts aren't in any particular order, and you may think I've missed something... my apologies ahead of time... every time I walk by my desk, I think of something else and write it down and hopefully I'll capture the essence of our time here for you in the next few weeks.

My first Pella Love article relates to the hospital and clinic here.  Yesterday we had Julia's 3-year checkup, and it was yet one more appointment that cemented my love for our doctor and nurse.  But, above and beyond that, the entire health care system here has been very good to us and for us... sure, no one likes paying insurance or doctor bills, but at the very least, having a positive experience makes the rest of the nastiness not so nasty.

We've had some really great doctors over the years... my first doctor here was Molly D'Costa... and I LUUUUUURVED her.  I was very sad to see her go, but was equally delighted when we became patients of Dr. C.  He has been a blessing in our lives since 2006 and I'm so very glad to have known him.  Along with him is his nurse, Joan, with whom in another life, I would be dear friends.  She is always a spark to my day when we make our trips to the clinic and I can truly say that even during rough times (hives), she has been wonderful.

And, speaking of those rough times, I have hardly met more caring doctors and nurses in my existence.  They are truly the best.  Whether it has been the clinic, the ER, or the OB, all have been friendly, caring, and dedicated. 

What's more, the hospital and clinic are only seven blocks from our house.  It's a straight shot from here to there.  How often does that happen in one's life?  Really?  I don't ever remember living this close to a hospital, ever.  (Unless we're talking about Clark St where I lived in my early years.)  Because of the proximity, I was able to drive myself there for any number of reasons (so Adam could stay home with the kids), and I even joked about driving myself to the hospital when I thought my water was leaking with Julia.  Unreal.

I wish I could list the names of all of the doctors and nurses and staff who have been such a bright point in my medical life over the last six years.  For fear of missing one, I won't!   But, our current doctor and nurse (whom I speak about frequently), my previous doctor, the surgeons I've had, the nurses in the OB, and various other lab and other staff members have truly been a blessing in my life, and I can honestly say that PRHC and PMC have been a positive experience in our lives while living in Pella.
Suffice to say, I will miss them.


ps. I hope that my follow-along posts have a bit more meat and detail... this is just the beginning, and I decided I needed to get it out there in the blogosphere before it was 10 pm again and I was blogging about hoping to start tomorrow.  No time like the present, eh?

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