Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hooked on Nook

So... Erin got a small giftie from her company for Christmas, and after approximately 48 hours of trying to decide what to do with the money, she decided to by herself something... and this is what she bought...
The Nook!
Okay, I will stop talking about myself in the 3rd person now.
I have been considering an e-reader for about nine months now and have done some research on them in the last six months.  About a week ago, I proclaimed to Adam that next year for Christmas, that was what I wanted - an e-reader.  This summer I had decided that were I to buy one, I would purchase a Nook.  Well, Christmas 2011 came a little early when I received a monetary gift that was completely unexpected.  I hemmed and hawed over it this week, but I knew what I really wanted.  I did some more research and discussion with fellow e-reader owners this week and determined that I truly did want a Nook.
I was planning to purchase it online, however, I was at Knit Night in Coralville tonight and drove right by a Barnes & Noble.  Because I was having a hard time determining exactly what came with the Nook online (i.e., did it have a charger?  I didn't know.), I decided to pop in on my way home.  Fifteen minutes later I was leaving with my purchase.  I'm so excited!  It even comes loaded with five books... that is fun!
I will let you know how I like it... I am a big "real book" person, so this will be a change for me, but I'm looking forward to it, as I'm having a harder and harder time holding up those big, huge books in bed without my hands falling asleep... and it seems I'm reading longer and longer books these days.

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