Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feeling the Holiday Spirit

It took long enough, but I finally got into the holiday spirit today... or rather, finally dedicated the time to it. 

We started our day with Cut-out Sugar Cookies.  My mom gave me her recipe a few years ago, and while mine still aren't as puffy and moist as hers, but they still taste great!  (I will say that my frosting is pretty much right on the money, though!)

I let Julia help me decorate... she tried very hard to frost the cookies with the small knife I gave her, but quickly she went from frosting cookies to licking... as you can see in the blue teeth and lips.  (We made some blue frosting in memory of Grandma Muriel Rischette... big inside family joke.)

I also wanted to glaze the tree cookies with a glaze recipe I found on the web yesterday... I am drooling for a poinsettia cookie cutter now.

This afternoon we did a few craft projects... started a few, anyway... they aren't complete yet, but I'll show you what we've done so far.

First... felt stockings... these stockings have two purposes... for one, my children are three- and one-year-old and I still haven't made stockings for my kids.  For two, each year since Julia was born, I've done something to show the size of the girls' hands or feet or something... this year I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone by putting their hand prints on felt stockings.  I still want to make the girls some "real" stockings, but these will suffice for this year.

(As you can seen in Raven's, we had to do a second print... Raven was really good at opening her hand when I asked her to, however, as soon as she put her hand on the felt, she balled it all up into a fist... pretty funny, actually.)

Then we began making popsicle stick snowflakes with buttons... an idea I found on the web... Julia had a lot of fun picking out which buttons would go on the sticks... after a few times of getting glue on her fingers, she would pick out the buttons and ask me to place them in a certain spot... so cute!

Tomorrow we have a few more projects... and we'll finish up those from today.


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