Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Program

Tonight was our annual Christmas program at church for the 3-and-4-year-old through 2nd grade classes in Sunday School (known here as Discovery Time).  Wouldn't you know, Julia is OLD ENOUGH now to be in the class (she has been in the class since September) and was in the Christmas program this year.
Our program was titled "A Bunch of Gifts", and the kids sang about seven songs interspersed with narration and acting of the 2nd graders.  It was a lot of fun!
I was very proud of Julia... we started out Sunday School rough this year... she didn't want to go/stay in class... but she has blossomed and did beautifully during both practices, and also did great tonight!  YAY!  (Extra big surprise as mommy was involved this year too and I was sure she would want to come down and be by me... guess my girlie is growing up!)
Hopefully you can find Julia in the group shot... then I tried to get a close of up her during "Jingle for Joy"... then a shot of Julia with her pal Lucas, and then a few shots of the girls at home tonight.  Hard to believe Christmas is only 13 days away... and it was so fun to dress the girls up (well, Adam got to do THAT part) for the program tonight.  (I enjoyed SEEING them dressed up!)

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