Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I realize that this salutation is a few days late, but I found I didn't have anything profound to say.
Have you set Resolutions for yourselves this New Year?  I haven't, necessarily, this year, other than that I hope to be better to myself so that I can continue to be a better wife and a better mom and a better Child (o' God).  Lots of work to do there... we'll see how it goes.
I wasn't completely honest with my Blog A Day in December, though I finished the month with 32 blog posts.  I still have a number of "Pella Love" posts to write and also a new set of ideas that I am pondering.  Recently we started tackling our Iowa Bucket List and I am also excited to try a number of new recipes.
Also, this is our last month home with Adam before he leaves for Siebel.  It is odd; it's not as if a month isn't a long time, but knowing that he will be gone in about four-and-a-half weeks... it seems so much closer now that it is the month before and in the same year... so, Mommy is getting in some "alone time" before then, but also trying to squeeze in time with my hub and my fam and well, pretty much making sure we are all completely sick of each other once February comes that it takes a few weeks at least before we miss Adam.  *wink*
Here's hoping you all have a wonderful New Year!  Thanks for continuing to read my blog (it's been 3.333 years now!!!), commenting, and everything else... it's been a lot of fun hearing from you and feeling like this isn't for naught.
Happy New Year!


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