Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Dentist Visit

I wish I had a picture to share along with this post... but I don't.
Today was Julia's first visit to the dentist.  These days (as opposed to when I was small), dentists want to start seeing kids when they are 2 and 3 years old.  For a kid who just recently was able to go to her regular doctor without tears, going to the dentist, who she has never seen before, was a big deal.
We dropped Raven off at daycare first, and despite my discussions with Julia yesterday and today, Julia was pretty upset that we were leaving Raven somewhere... but, we still got through that bit without tears.  (I cannot imagine trying to contain Raven while also trying to help Julia through her first dental experience... **shudder**.)
Julia was a big girl and allowed mommy to "paint" her teeth pink (she wouldn't let the hygienist near her, but all is well).  Then she brushed her teeth and showed the hygienist she could do it and she also allowed me to brush her teeth.  She liked Dr. Megan and allowed her to lay her down on our laps so she could count Julia's teeth and also brush her teeth again.  By the end of the visit, Julia was all smiles and giving high fives and saying "Thank you!"  She was also excited to pick out her very own new toothbrush (Ariel, of course) and some toys from the toy drawer for doing so well.  She received a bag full of dental goodies which was still clutched tight in her paws when I dropped her off at daycare today.
I am thankful for a good first visit to the dentist; we have our next visit scheduled, but most likely we won't be going back to the specific clinic (i.e., if we move).  However, at least we've started and are on a good streak for doctor visits the last few months.  I'm sure soon that Raven will start the screeching at the doctor... but, I'm enjoying these few months of crying and tantrum reprieve.

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