Thursday, January 13, 2011

Raven's 15 month appt

Raven had her 15 month appointment at the doctor today.
Yes, I know, she is 16 months old today.  *wink*
Raven weighed in at 24.7 lbs, which puts her at 75th percentile for weight, and she is 31 inches tall, which is at 60th percentile for height.  Dr. C suggests that she'll be taller than Julia at some point, based on tracking her size, but also based on her hands and feet - they are both significantly bigger at this age than Julia's were.  (For example, Julia was wearing size 3 shoes at this age, but Raven is in 5's already.)
Raven also had three shots -- poor baby!  Although, I think the "being held down by mom" was worse than the actual shot.  Ha!
Today the girls are staying with the college-aged daughter of a friend.  I started back to work full-time last week, so on Thursdays, and a few Fridays, the girls will be going to alternate daycare.  I was fortunate that Kristen was able to watch them on Thursdays (and a Friday or two) in January for me, and our friend Allison will start watching the girls on Thursdays in February.  Today was a great example of how quickly Julia is growing up - even though there is a dog at Kristen's house and even though Julia doesn't know Kristen well and hasn't been over to the house for some time, she took right to be there and was calm and accepting of being told that she was staying with Kristen today and that I needed her to be a good big sister to Raven and use the potty for Kristen.  She was awesome.
I have to say that calms my heart some when I think about the future and what that might hold for daycare.  While I expect at some point that Raven will be less than "easy" when it comes to being left with random people, it has always been Julia whom I've been wary of leaving without a lot of tears and thrashing.  Thankfully, in the last few months, she is really showing herself and her ability to understand and be more accepting of situations that might be foreign to her but are deemed "okay" by mom... what a relief!  I have been very concerned about having to start them somewhere else when/if we move, but today released a lot of that anxiety for me.  Yay!
Have a great Thursday!


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