Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brotherly Visit: Botanical Gardens

Originally when we knew Alex was coming to visit, I was going to take him with me to the Science Center with the girls... but, when Adam decided he was also going to take the day off, the Science Center idea was vetoed and we settled on the Botanical Gardens instead.

Not a place I had been yet so I suppose officially it was put on the Iowa Bucket List that day.

On the way to the Botanical Gardens, Alex noticed that the car in front of us had a flat tire, so after much honking we were able to get the lady to pull over and Adam and Alex changed her tire.  She was also headed to the gardens.

Seeing as how it was still close to Christmas, the gardens were still decorated in the Christmas theme, the main one being Dr. Seuss.  Alex is walking through the garden of colorful poinsettias on colored step stones.

While I thought the gardens were really neat to see, one thing that made the trip most enjoyable was the wonderful strollers (for FREE) available for use.  We had not brought our stroller along with us, so these were a godsend.

There were a lot of really cool plants and displays and both girls enjoyed the waterfall and (SUPER HUGE) koi in the koi ponds.

I thought the outside art piece was pretty cool too... here is a picture of the piece in front of the gardens, and also a picture of Alex looking down through the piece taking a picture of me.

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