Monday, January 10, 2011

A Fun and Special Hat

What I love about hats is the different techniques I'm able to try on a relatively small project.  Doesn't work out?  That's okay, it's only a hat.  Looks great?  Sweet, now I can try it on something bigger and HEY, now I have a gift!
(Really, I typically think of it as a gift first and as a technique learner second, but you get my meaning.)
This hat is my first felted project.  As you can see, you knit the project way larger than it needs to be and then felt it in the washer.  It was super fun to do the felting part of this... I love how it turned out!  Now I'm excited to knit a bag or small purse or something that I can decorate... SWEET.
This is another "gift hat"... I think this is number 10 since the fall... I'm losing count but having OH SO MUCH FUN!

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