Saturday, March 13, 2010

Raven is 6 months old!

Today we've reached the half year mark with Raven... she is six months old today!

This morning I was playing with the girls and having fun with them and was marveling at how quickly they are both growing.  I'm happy to report that both girls enjoy each other... Raven is starting to interact more and more with Julia, as Julia is now able to make Raven laugh.  And Julia loves having a little one to protect and hand toys to and read to... it's so fun and cute to watch them together!

About a week ago we started feeding Raven baby cereal, and today I decided that we would start introducing fruit.  Raven is starting to get the hang of eating, and Mommy is recalling the little tricks to get Baby to open wide and to actually eat/swallow without pushing the food back out with her tongue.  Today we started with pears, and while the first look from Raven upon pears meeting tongue was a bit puzzled and comical, she happily consumed her cereal and pear lunch after that.  Let's hope that introducing solids means that she will start to sleep through the night again.  (We have gone from about 10 - 12 hours down to about 6 - 7 hour stretches, which doesn't sound bad, but is hard to handle when she goes to bed at 7 pm and is awake at 1 or 2 am...!

As I mentioned earlier this month, Raven is rolling over.  She doesn't do it consistently yet, but does roll over multiple times a day.  I'm sure soon enough she'll be rolling from hither to yon.

It's fun to watch Raven learn to interact with toys... whether it's in the ExerSaucer, on her high chair tray, or hanging from her crib.  She is increasingly more aware of the world around her and reaching out to it... as I found out earlier this week when got saw my earring, got a hold of it, and managed to have it grasped in her tiny little paw within seconds.  I'm sure that soon it will be Adam's glasses.  ;)  She also has a fondness for grabbing Julia by the hair, which leads to screams of "Mommy, mommy!  Owie, OWIE!!!"

We have Raven's six month check up on the 23rd, so it will be fun to find out her stats then.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!


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