Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Dark

I'm sitting in the kids' room, waiting for J to fall asleep, because she is feisty tonight, and if I leave her to her own devices, I will soon have a very-much-asleep-six-month-old screaming and a two-year-old who would be very excited that she created such havoc.

During a discussion last night, blogs were mentioned... types of blogs and what they are for and what blogs are "cool" and whatnot.  I've tried hard to "Know Thy Audience", and so while my blog may not be hip and cool and exciting to the masses, I hope that it meets its purpose -- to communicate with family how the kids are doing and to do so in a manner that their lives are archived (because goodness knows I cannot keep a baby book to save my life).

Okay... really?  I confess that this whole "blog meaning" thing has had my brain in a tizzy much of the last day because not for the first time, it was mentioned to me how neat and awesome X's blog is, and at one point suggested I should try to be more like that.  Umm.  Yah.  I have read said blog, and to be honest, I don't see the different between us, really.  Well, other than that I blog regularly so as to provide pictures and updates such that you "see" my kids more than once every two months.  But otherwise?  We're both writing about our lives.  Just maybe *my* thoughts aren't as profound.

But, then, I'm not in Mission, Texas, on the kids' spring break in an old folks' trailer park watching my kids play shuffleboard.

I'm just sayin'.  Know Thy Audience. 

I hope I've done you justice over the last few years... and well, if not... at the end of the day... even more important than knowing your audience... it's about knowing yourself.

Love you,

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D.L.Schiller said...

Eh.. at least you're doing a blog regularly.. . I have one and I seem to forget it exists. So.. I say blog away without trying please everyone.