Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Seeds

While Raven was taking her morning nap, Julia and I did some 'gardening'. 

My house plants were in bad need of having the dead stuff cut out and a good kitchen sink watering.  While they were draining in the sink, we decided to get out our little 'greenhouse' seed starter kit and plant some seeds. 

Julia was a great help with inserting the dirt plugs and she loved putting the seeds in the plug holes.  (I am pretty sure she ate a few seeds too, so I hope she doesn't have a pepper growing in her stomach anytime soon.  Ha!)

We planted ground cherries, pickling cucumbers, fancy tomatoes, two types of peppers, snap peas, and green beans.  My goal is to 'container garden' most of these items, so we only planted a few plugs of each type in the hopes that a few seedlings grow and take well to outdoors come late April/early May.

Normally I enjoy winter, but this one has been exceptionally 'long'... maybe it's because I couldn't wait to get outside and actually be able to go for walks with the stroller without being thwarted by ice... maybe it was the number of days we went without sun... maybe it's a renewed excitement about growing one's own plants... who knows.  I'm not a big gardener and typically don't enjoy it much at all, but this year I have an interest in it and plan to take it nice and slow with a few things. 

Such a fun little morning project with Julia, and I can't wait to show her the little plants in the front window as they grow.


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