Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Near... Far...!

If you don't know this already -- Adam has a great Grover voice.  :)

We watched the Orange Bowl back in January with the Rozenbooms, friends of ours in Pella.  They had this great Grover puppet, and Julia gets a kick out of puppets.  Adam was able to make Grover "talk", and hilarity ensued.  I love the pictures; I can hear her laughing and giggling up a storm as Adam carries on in his Grover voice.  He even pulled out the "Neeeeaaarr.... Faaarrrrrr!" routine and that was cause for more laughter.

Funny enough, Friend Stacey (Not to be confused with a Quaker Friend -- don't know what I'm jesting about?  Click the link and learn something new today!) sent Julia a Grover doll for Christmas and of course Julia fell in love with it immediately.  However, she couldn't figure out why Mommy couldn't stick her hand up Grover's... uh... back.  Ha.  Fun times!


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