Tuesday, March 2, 2010


About two months ago I finally started experimenting using my camera without flash... yes, I know, I am behind the times.  Even with a cheap camera, I know you can get okay pictures with good color and lighting and mood... if you try.  :)  So, I've been trying.  There have been a few cute ones here and there.  This morning I finally started digging through the over-400 pictures I downloaded a few weeks ago that go back to January 5th.  Those are the beginning of my flash-less pictures too.  So, these may be oldy and moldy but I hope you enjoy them anyway.  :)

This picture isn't the greatest technical shot, but I love getting on the floor in front of Raven and taking pictures of her.  Hard to believe she was even alive two months ago, let alone almost four months old... sheesh!  This picture was taken before the Packers lost their post-season game... taken the same day the Hawkeyes won the Orange Bowl... taken back when spring wasn't even a glimmer... the beginning of January.  She has changed so much! 

Off to get ready for the day... Day 2 of Working Out is already a distant memory (in that I have been home for 15 minutes already... ha!)... time to get rolling before the kids get up!  :)


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