Thursday, March 4, 2010


On occasion, we have the chance to visit and shop at IKEA, a wonderful 'home inspiration' store.  The closest one to us in the Twin Cities, and I was fortunate to pass through there on my way north last month to visit my nieces (at some point I will blog about that trip -- SO FUN!).

If you've never been to an IKEA... oh, boy... it's a good time!  :)  My mind buzzes and my heart sings as I walk through the store and soak up all of the possibilities.  We have a number if IKEA products and IKEA-inspired designs in our house.

This trip was specifically meant to pick up fabric (in light yellow) to make a purse for my sister-in-law (yet another blog post!).  However, both girls were being 'good' and I couldn't help but tool around bit.  While I was looking in the kitchen section, I found these great rails and pots.  So cheap and yet so cute!  I was wondering where I could put them and instantly I thought of the wall in our dining room just on the other side of our kitchen.  Ideas were spinning wildly out of control as I realized that would be just the right amount of sun to grow herbs in the pots and HOW AWESOME?!?!?, they would be right around the corner from the kitchen... fresh herbs AND decoration? 

Beauty and utility all rolled into one.  What could get better than that?

But, I am notoriously slow with completing projects.  (Because you know, I have nothing better to do with my time.  wink.)  So, I consider it success that today, only three and a half short weeks after returning home, my rails and pots are installed and are ready for herbs.  YAY!  I was 'good' too... I used the drill, level, and screwdriver to make sure I didn't mess up our already delicate plaster walls.  Success!

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chrissy said...

ok, WHAT a freakin cute idea!!!!
hope you had julia plant some herb seeds too? looks like you guys had a relaxing day off work :o)