Monday, March 29, 2010


Adam's sister, Claire, had a baby with her husband, Dan... his name is Dex and he was born January 25th.  We celebrated Christmas with Adam's family at the end of January (the 30th), and we were able to meet Dex at that time.  Yay for new babies!

Even though they are all looking off in different directions (or asleep... ha!), we still were able to get some cute "cousin pictures" of the three "Draeger" grandchildren.  And... I know, it's been two months since this picture was taken, but I still wanted to share it (yes, still going through my hundreds and hundreds of pictures). 

It might be some time again before we have a chance to see Dex in person, but through pictures on Facebook and otherwise, we know he's becoming quite the cutie.  It will be great fun for these kids to have cousins close in age.


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