Thursday, December 24, 2009

Talking to "Gukie"

(Please note that this is a video. In order to view it, you must visit my blog. Thanks!)

One of Julia's favorite friends (she positively LIGHTS UP when he is around!) is Lucas. (We also call him Lukie.) Julia knows Lucas through daycare and Lucas' mommy is one of my besties. Lucas is off with his family to North Dakota for the holidays, and Julia is sure to miss him. She was ever so excited when I put their holiday card up and it was low enough for her to see... and talk to... and play peek-a-boo with...! SO CUTE!And... I realized, that besides "Jesus" and "Raven" (neither of which she does very often and they are hard to understand), she absolutely knows who Lucas is... "Gukie!", she screams. "Gukie!" SO CUTE!


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