Monday, December 14, 2009

Oxymoron or Ironic

It is too late to decide definitively whether the incidence from last night is an oxymoron or simply ironic, though after looking into it a bit at Merriam-Webster's Online Dictonary, I think it's a little bit of both.

Last night, as we were watching a show, we heard a faint beeping sound, but couldn't figure out from where it was coming.  After a little bit I realized that it was coming through the monitor in Julia's room.  Upon further inspection (i.e., looking out our front window), we realized that there was snow removal equipment out in front of our house removing snow from across the street at the Pella Manor.

Oh, yes.  Snow removal equipment that beep, beep, beeped as it backed up over and over again... outside the front of our house... at 10:30 pm... on a Sunday night.

So, you might be wondering where the oxymoron or irony in this is... well, if you live in Pella, you might *get* it right off the bat... since we have lived here (five years now), there is an unspoken rule that you shouldn't mow your lawn on Sunday.  We were even jokingly told this by the Chamber representative who drove us around looking at the town while we were here for our interviews with Pella Corp.  So, to keep peace with the neighbors (and you must know we are "neighbors" with approximately 100 older folks across the street), we don't mow on Sunday.  Even though Sunday might be the only day we have "free" to do yard work, we don't do it.

So, it was quite a surprise to see SNOW REMOVAL EQUIPMENT clanging and banging and BEEPING around out front last night (which is also out front of the homes of approximately 100 older folks) on a SUNDAY night until MIDNIGHT.  Midnight, people.  MIDNIGHT.  I have no idea how Adam fell asleep or how Julia and Raven stayed asleep, but I laid there whilst the beep, beep, beep played on and composed a blog post in my head...


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Bruce said...

If it is any consoltation, the Mayor says basically the same thing here. Also he and his wife complain if one has grass growing in the cracks of the side walk, but their house plays host at least 5 weeks a year to a wood pile. Additionally, their rental has a hedge over 3,5 meters high (allowed is 1.8 meters) and it overhangs about 60% of the sidewalk making it 100% unusable.
Again, the same the world over; do as I say, and not as I do myself...