Friday, December 4, 2009

2 Year Appointment

Julia had her 2-year appointment on Tuesday (December 1).  She threw an absolute fit pretty much from the moment we walked back to the exam room... her appointment included holding her down various times so that the doctor could look in her ears, nose, and mouth... so her head could be measured... so she her height could be measured... the only time she didn't throw a fit was when I set her on the weight scale.

At any rate, she proved to be 26 lb 2 oz clothed, and she is 34.5 inches tall.  The weight is 50th percentile and the height is 60th.  She is doing well on the development chart (knowing words, walking/running, acting like a 2-yr-old, etc., etc.), so we are glad for that. 

I had to laugh at how different her appointment was than Raven's just two weeks before... and knowing that eventually Raven will be acting like Julia did.  (I've been having to hold Julia down for these appointments since her 15-mo checkup this last winter.)  Raven slept through Julia's whole appointment... what a blessing!  I am extremely thankful that there didn't need to be shots... I had enough bruises from her head-butting and kicking as it was...!  Nothing like explaining that your kid gave you a fat lip!  Ha!


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