Thursday, December 10, 2009

Child of God

(This is a video collage of pictures... if you receive this via email, you must visit my blog to view the video.)

Raven was baptized this last Sunday at our church, Trinity Reformed. We were blessed that family were able to attend the baptism with us: Grandpa Ron & Buscha Marcia, Grandma Sue, Great-Grandma Marcella, and Great-Grandpa John.

After the baptism, we had a luncheon at our home where friends and our pastor and his family joined us and our family in fellowship. We had a "soup bar", for lack of better explanation, and folks munched on GEMS croissants and had a pick of chili, chicken dumpling, and cheeseburger chowder.

We are so blessed to have such a loving and wonderful church family that complements our "real" family... you all help us to feel as though we have a "family" away from home! And, to our "real" family... thank you for continuing to love and support us, and for driving and being here for those "big" moments in our lives.

love, erin

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