Monday, December 28, 2009


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Why rent a bouncy gym thing for a party when you can just blow up an air mattress instead? :)

My nieces (Laila and Hannah) were visiting this weekend and we set them up on the king-sized air mattress in the living room. Within minutes of setting it up, all three girls (Laila, Hannah, and Julia) were having a ball bouncing around. The bouncing never got old and even recommenced this morning before I whisked Julia and Raven off to daycare... I am sure Julia will be sad to see that the air mattress is gone!

At one point, Laila was pulling WWF moves and jumping off of the ottoman onto the air mattress which would send Julia flying into the air (and into a fit of giggles). So cute and so fun!


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chrissy said...

best $30 ever spent, an air mattress :)