Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Back to the Doctor

I went back to the doctor today again when it seemed like things were starting to get bad again.  (I started to break out on my neck, chest, and face this morning around 8 am.)  I saw a different doctor as my doctor was out.  While I am the most severe case they have ever seen of hives, they didn't think it warranted IV drugs (yet).  I am to take my Prednisone (taken), along with Benadyl and Zantac.

The allergic reaction could have been triggered by something new, something old that I am suddenly allergic to (which would make it very hard to pinpoint what that would be), or nothing at all.  If it was the hops, even though the hops are out of my system by now, the hives can last up to six weeks in some form or another.  If it was the beer/hops, drinking it again to determine that could cause an even worse reaction and land me in the hospital... so probably won't be doing that!  But, it might not be.  It could have been any number of things that day separately or together... that's the hard thing with hives... they can come out of seemingly nowhere and caused by seemingly nothing.

I have deep purplish coloring where the "old" hives were; so my skin is very blotching.  The doctor said that most likely the discoloration will eventually go away.

I am unable to nurse Raven until I am completely off the meds, and my milk supply is diminishing rapidly.  I only hope I'll be able to nurse her again after this is all said and done.

At any rate, I'll be sleepy and grumpy and itchy for the next several days... yay!  But, here's hoping I'm finally on the mend.  While today's hives are bad, they aren't as bad as they were yesterday.  So that's a positive!


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