Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update: Swaddling

After my last post on swaddling, I have to let you know that Anna has been sleeping soundly in her swaddle ever since and has stopped breaking free. 


I started adding a sleep sack into the mix.  While it might *seem* too hot at night, and some nights it was, these last few weeks it's been getting down into the 60s at night and Anna has a window right over her bed.  Remembering that the older girls slept in three layers (jammies, sleep sack, swaddle) and realizing that we kept the house in the mid-to-high-60s in the winter during the evening made me think that maybe Anna was just too cold at night, and not being warm enough caused her to wake up more and thus, break out of her swaddle.

So, I added in the sleep sack, and since, she's been back to her once-a-night nursing right around 3 am... ah, much better, and we are both sleeping SO much better!  So, we'll keep the swaddle for a bit longer, since she really seems to like being swaddle and we haven't had any Houdini acts since the sleep sack was introduced to add an extra layer of warmth.

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