Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Anna is three months old today… Raven will be three in less than a month, and Julia turns five in a little over three months… it’s a day of threes.


Anna has worn a mix of 6 AND 9 month clothes this last week.  Growing like a weed doesn’t even begin to explain the length of this child.

Because Anna falls asleep relatively early in the evening (tonight it was 6:30 pm!), I decided to take pictures when we got home.  Always risky without Adam to help.  Today turned out similar to the last time I took pictures without Adam’s help. 

But… I managed a few fun pictures.

Julia wanted nothing more than to pick the spot and have her pictures taken by the flowers.

2012-08-15 girls (15)

Moved a bit so that cars weren’t our background… can you see who’s missing?  Someone is upset that she doesn’t get to hold Anna first.  Again.

2012-08-15 girls (34)

There she is.

2012-08-15 girls (35)

In case you ever wondered what the back of her head looked like or how long her hair is.  Oh, what’s that?  You’ve seen the back of her head in pictures before?  That’s right.  She’s 2-going-on-3.


2012-08-15 girls (45)

The best “threesome” picture I managed to get… we’ll keep trying!

2012-08-15 girls (48)

Someone definitely loves being a big sister, though.  For sure.

2012-08-15 girls (77)


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