Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Dancer

Julia started ballet / tap this Monday (the 20th).  Even though we had discussed waiting until she was in school before starting an extracurricular activity, since she is in the same class (pre-K) this year and learning the same material again, we thought it would be fun and good for her to have something outside of daycare / pre-K (though, according to her teacher, she is a BIG help to all of the new kids in her class and it makes Julia feel very special to be her teacher’s helper). 

So, a few weeks ago, I signed Julia up for a ballet / tap combo class at a new dance studio near us that is being run by a woman who has taught dance for 30 years, Ms. Diane.  She is a peach!  Julia had her first class Monday, and if you can’t tell, she was VERY excited to go!

2012-08-20 julia ballet (3)
2012-08-20 julia ballet (5)

So far there are only two little girls (Julia and Isabella) in her class, so it’s almost as if Julia is getting one-on-one attention with her teacher, which is pretty neat.  I’m excited for her and what she learns this year.

And, I decided to also sign up for a beginning adult ballet class.  I am stoked!  It’s always something I’ve wanted to do (again – because I took ballet for all of a few months as a little girl) – either that, or ice skating – so I signed myself up and even got a discount because I had a child in another class.  I start tonight (Thursday!).  Woohoo!

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