Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yesterday Raven and Julia had their 3 and 5 year checkups, respectively.  Though Raven isn't quite 3 and Julia won't be 5 until November, due to daycare needs, we need to take them for their Well Child visits in late August.  So, here are the girls' stats.

37" tall (45th percentile)
30.5 lb (51st percentile)

(For reference, Julia was 36.5" tall and 29.5 lb at the same age.)

41.25" tall (40th percentile)
35 lb (24th percentile)

Anna's four month checkup is in a few weeks, so I'll report and compare then.  Considering that she's already wearing 9 month clothes, I'm curious and excited to see how she is growing compared to the two older girls.  Look for a chart!  :)  I'm excited to do some math and stuff now!  :)


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