Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Puzzle Fiend

We watched a lot of Olympics – hours daily – during the 2012 Summer Olympics.  The girls weren’t always happy with that prospect, but it got them playing and doing puzzles and drawing whereas normally they would have begged to watch a show at night.
A few months ago, I bought Julia a few 60-piece puzzles.  She’s gotten very good at doing the 24-piece puzzles by herself, so I thought she could try a puzzle with more, smaller pieces.  She needed help the first few times, but soon she got the hang of the smaller pieces.  During this particular puzzle episode, I helped her find the edge pieces, and then turned around to help Raven with her puzzle, and next thing I knew, Julia had most of the thing put together!
2012-08-04 puzzle fiend (31)
2012-08-04 puzzle fiend (2)
That night after lots of cheers and excitement for really doing it all by herself, we put the puzzles away.  The next day I found it put together again in a different room.  Go, Julia!  So very proud of her mad puzzle skillz.  Now, if I can just get Raven to stop chewing on the pieces………

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