Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anna is 14 weeks old!

Anna was 14 weeks old yesterday.  I can’t believe how quickly she is growing!  She is mostly in 9 month clothes now… at least the long sleeved / long panted ones… summer clothes that don’t need to fit her whole body is still 6 months… she’s so long!

She’s back to sleeping completely well again and only waking once in the night, which has been a Godsend considering that I’m in my fourth week back to work.

Girlfriend loves her mama – each night when we reconnect she pretty much needs to be connected to me (not necessarily nursing so much as just being with me) until she goes to sleep.  I love it – so far it is more enjoyable than overwhelming, but it does make it hard to get a good dinner on the table at night. *grin*

2012-08-21 anna (13)

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Amy H said...

She's lovely, Erin. You are blessed.